Wednesday, December 17, 2008

American Holocaust, A Report By Taryn

This is a report that Taryn wrote. I was very proud of the work that she did and thought I would share it. It is graphic in nature so be forewarned. Taryn was forever changed by this assignment, and frankly so was I.

Taryn Elder
9th grade
Persuasive essay

American Holocaust

If someone were to render me helpless and then proceed to cut off my limbs and crush my head, that person would be guilty of murder. Fourteen years ago my mother had that option, only then she wouldn’t have been tried for murder, instead she would have become a face in a crowd of 1,267,416 women in America who had an abortion in the year 1994.( When faced with the brutal reality of what abortions are and do, we can see that there are other options that present an opportunity for happiness on both sides of the pregnancy.
In many states abortion is legal throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses the abortion procedure changes, here are some of the main types of abortion.
From the beginning of the pregnancy through about 6 to 9 weeks, a common way of aborting a baby is by taking RU-486, a medication that was created by the same company that produced Zyclon B- the gas that was used to exterminate millions in Nazi death camps. ( This type of abortion is a process and can take up to a week to be fully completed. After taking the allotted amount of both the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol, the woman experiences severe cramps and bleeding as her body tries to expel the body of her dead child. Approximately 1.4 percent of women who take RU-486 have to have medical intervention to stop the bleeding. That may seem like a small amount, however if every abortion in an average year was done using RU-486, that would mean that approximately 21,000 women would need medical intervention before they bled to death. Because the child’s body is passed at home, sometimes women actually see their aborted baby, often traumatizing them. 25 percent of women that used this drug say they would never use it again. (
Another even more common way that abortions are performed is a surgical abortion using a suction tube that has 29 times more powerful suction than the average household vacuum cleaner. First the abortionist paralyzes the cervix and then inserts the hollow plastic suction tube into the womb. The powerful suction breaks the baby into pieces and sucks them out of the womb into a glass jar. The nurse then puts the pieces of the body back together, to make sure that all of the parts are out. ( In the year following this type of abortion, and in fact any type of abortion, the woman is 4 times more likely to die than in childbirth, miscarriage, or not being pregnant. Other than death, women who have an abortion are likely to face such things as injuries to the cervix, uterus, and the urinary tract; there is also risk of infection, hemorrhage, heart failure, embolism, sterilizations, ruptured intestines and bowels, and coma. (
For pregnancies that are past the first trimester there are many different methods, however there are 3 methods commonly used. The first method is the salt poisoning. The abortionist fills the fluid around the baby with a strong salt solution that the baby swallows and breaths, it takes over an hour for the baby to die, during which they will struggle and sometimes convulse. The baby is delivered in a day or so, it has been known to happen that the baby is born alive and survives. Because the salt solution burns the outer layers of the skin, the aborted children are called “Candy Apple Babies” due to the fact that sometimes the child’s head looks like a candied apple. (
Another method used is Hysterotomy. In a Hysterotomy, the woman’s womb is surgically opened and the baby is lifted out. A Hysterotomy is comparable to a C-section. Many of the babies are alive when they are removed, so abortionists find alternative ways to kill them. Abortionists have been known to cut the umbilical cord while the baby is still in the womb, causing the child to suffocate. Other methods of terminating the child are drowning them in buckets of water, smothering them with the placenta, or simply putting them in a bowl and leaving them without medical attention until they die. (
Also used for advanced pregnancies is the D&X or Partial birth abortion. The abortionist opens the cervix up enough so that a pair of forceps can be inserted. Using the forceps the abortionist then proceeds to grab a hold of one of the baby’s feet and pulls it down until everything but the child’s head is delivered. The abortionist takes a pair of scissors and by jamming them into the nape of the baby’s neck, the abortionist creates a hole in the baby’s head. Then, by spreading the scissors apart, the abortionist makes the hole larger and then inserts a suction tube, and takes the baby’s brain out. The child’s skull then collapses and the body is fully delivered. (
Abortion is controversial because people have differing opinions about when life begins in the womb. Some say that life doesn’t begin until the baby’s heart starts beating, some say that life begins at conception, others say that life begins at viability, and still others say that life doesn’t begin until cognitive memory (which doesn’t begin until the approximate age of 4). Despite the many opinions, there is scientific proof that life begins at conception. In the words of the late Dr. Jerome LeJeune, the discoverer of the genetic cause of Down syndrome, and Professor of Genetics at the University of Descartes in Paris, “After fertilization has taken place and a new human being has come into being. It’s no longer a matter of taste or opinion, and not a meta-physical condition, it is plain experimental evidence.”( Emphasis added) Dr. Landrum Shettles, who was a pioneer in sperm biology, fertility, and sterility, served 27 years as the attending obstetrician-gynecologist at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, as well as being internationally famous for discovering the male-and female-producing sperm says this: “I oppose abortion…because I accept what is biologically manifest—that human life commences at the time of conception—and…because I believe it is wrong to take innocent human life under any circumstances. My position is scientific, pragmatic and humanitarian.”
( Emphasis added)
Abortion is not the only option! Every year 200,000 people want to adopt children, but every year there are only 25,000 to adopt. ( Adoption gives the opportunity for a happy life! An unwanted pregnancy is NOT an unwanted child, even if the pregnancy poses problems for you, remember that your child can have a joyful life with a family that loves them. Don’t take that chance away from them.
You may be thinking that if a woman becomes pregnant due to rape or incest that it isn’t her fault, and that her situation should be an exception. However, those women make up less than 1 percent of abortions and 90 percent of them say that they would advise other victims to not have an abortion. ( While I have read countless stories of women who desperately wish they could take back the choice to have an abortion, I have not come across a single woman who wishes she had one.
I’m here today because my mom did the right thing, she didn’t have to, but she did. I started this essay as someone taught that abortion is wrong, but now I am convinced in my own heart and mind that it is an atrocity that has no equivalent. There are tons of people that want to adopt children, and yet every 3.2 seconds another innocent baby is brutally killed. That means that since January 1, 2001, almost 80,000,000 babies have been killed (, that’s more than 13 times the number of Jews that were exterminated in Nazi death camps. Please, help me stop this American Holocaust!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I seem to be drowning in a sea of laundry. Dust seems to be around every corner, and somehow toys jump off the shelves at a faster rate then I can pick them up. The dishes need to be done, but I have to unload the dishwasher first, and the laundry in the washer should have gone in the dryer where the clothes I now have to iron are.
What really concerns me is that days keep passing, and I'm not the mother, wife, friend and believer I want to be. My heart longs to go hide away with the Lord, but I can't seem to find a moment. At least not a moment to disappear and come to the garden alone and walk with Him and Talk with Him. How can He bid me go if I never come. How can I face the laundry...let alone the daunting task of raising my children to love the Lord and protect them .. without first having time with Him?
I keep thinking there must be a way to do this better. Time keeps going ...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our biggest fans

I caught Kristen sitting at her daddy's feet listening to him play. I thought it was a sweet moment. I can remember looking at my daddy like that, as most little girls do. It's an overwhelming responsibility that they look at us. It's my prayer that we would become more and more accurate pictures of their Father in Heaven.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Firehouse

Andrew was invited by a friend from church to check out the firehouse. It was a day full of ... "is it time to go yet?" from a little boy who anxiously awaited a phone call letting us know the trucks were back from fire drills. We arrived just before dark and were met by our friend 'fireman Jim'.
First Andrew and his dad got to ride in the truck around the corner with lights flashing and siren sounding. Then we were able to see where the fireman live, sleep, eat, and hang out. We met the Hazmat driver, and the helicopter pilot, and the fire chief.

Andrew tried on all the fireman gear, and was ready to fight fires.

He got to wash the driveway with the hose

And talk to the fireman on the radio

His sister waited supporting her brother in the cold night air. And when the firemen asked Andrew if he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up.....
Kristen replied with a resounding "I DO" All in all it was a great day for a little boy with big dreams.