Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day of fear.

Yesterday was my husbands first day off. His father was having surgery for kidney stones so Geoff decided to go down to drive his parents to the surgery center and wait with his mother. As with any surgery he waited anxiously to hear that everything was ok. The Doctor came out and said that his dad was doing fine .... Meanwhile back at our house I was preparing lunch for my children. Andrew asked me if he could have some cashews.. I said yes. Kristen asked if she could have some too. Foolishly I gave them to her assuming they were ok. Immediately she began coughing until she vomited. I could tell right away something was wrong. I grabbed the can of cashews and read the back which said it contained peanut oil. My heart sank.
I gave her Benidryl and had to decide what to do. I called the doctors office but realized they were at lunch for another hour. Taryn and I ran around frantically to get Michael dressed, shoes on kids and in the car. Geoff called me to tell me that his dad was ok, and out of surgery. I had to tell him I inadvertently gave Kristen peanuts and had to rush her to the doctors.
We arrived at the doctors and rushed upstairs to a locked door. I frantically banged on the door but no one answered. I called the number and got the answering service and they paged the doctor. He called me to tell me he wouldn't make it there on time and that I should take her to the Urgent Care a couple of doors down. While I was talking to the doctor Kristen threw up all over my pants and her shoes.
We gathered up our stuff and ran down the side walk to the Urgent Care. We opened the door and went inside to a crowded waiting room with no chairs available. The lady behind the counter asked me what happened ...and I lost it. They took us back to check Kristen's oxygen level. We waited in the hall because there was no rooms available. Michael was starting to get upset because we had left behind his lunch, and I had no bottle or pacifier.
They gave Kristen a shot of steroids and informed me that if it ever happens again, just call 911. They waited awhile to make sure she was going to be ok and sent us home. I was ready for my husband to be home so that I could fall apart, but he was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. His mom and post-op dad had to come and give him a lug wrench.
I am so thankful. Thankful to my heavenly Father, who holds me together. He protects my little ones, even from me. He guides me on the freeway when I can't even breathe because of fear. He gives me a husband who relies on Him, on such days as these. A husband who didn't get angry, but bore up under the trial with God as His strength. My God is so good, He is so good to me.
Kristen when we got home. She gets wiped out from the drugs they give her
Later that evening we gave her a bath. It's not uncommon for the rash to come in waves after the exposure, however it's nothing to the first moments of the first rash.

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When a Picture Just Isn't Enough said...

Oh, poor baby! I'm in tears right now seeing her like that - she looks worse than I imagined, and if she looked *worse* than that earlier in the day, then... :( Poor, sweet little Kristen, and my heart is broken for you and Geoff, too.

I'm still not convinced that the cashews aren't at least partially to blame as well. The peanut oil is "supposed" to be less scary than actual peanut if the oil is not cold-pressed (don't mind me, I read a ton of allergy info today when I was trying to decide whether or not to give almond butter to Elise), but obviously it's still horrible to Kristen's body. And there is no non-scary way to tell, but I'm now convinced that the cashew is just as evil as the peanut.

How is she doing today? How are you guys going to be up to having a thing tomorrow? We're praying, and we love you!