Monday, April 13, 2009

Job Security 2

Just as when you are pregnant and everyone who sees you asks how you are feeling, while we are waiting on the Lord the common question is "Do you have a job yet?". (I'm so glad it no longer is, "Have you met anyone ?")
So an update: Geoff has applied to about 10 schools who have current job listings. Most of these schools I would be sad to see him get the job.. thus the openings. However in the process of looking for jobs we found out there is a Christian school in Santa Clarita that pays well and is growing. They don't have any job opening as of yet, but Geoff put in an application anyway. In my limited view this would be the perfect job. It would be a place were Geoff could have an eternal impact in the lives of these children and enjoy the other faculty members. God has a better view though and although I ask for this to be the answer, I trust that if He has different plans, those plans are better.
I am excited to see what God will do.

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The White Wave said...

Good luck. Those Santa Clarita kids really need some good teacher types.