Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well, we finally found renters. Just in time too. We have almost finished unpacking but the endless list of things that need to be done will just have to wait.
At Mum's time in Master's Kids my very good friend Michele gave a talk about making your time with the Lord a priority. I have made the commitment to get up at 5:00am so as to have time with the Lord and to make sure I'm dressed and pretty before my husband goes off to work. She also talked about a system of reading 10 chapters a day in scripture. I am so excited about it. That is my cyber declaration so I have accountability. I will tell you how it goes.


thewelderswife said...

Listen Lady! There are some days when the LORD is going to give you the strength to get up at that time & there are some days that He's going to have something else in mind. He had each day planned out before He ever created the world. Learn to trust His unfathomable wisdom. Some days He wakes me up at 3am, & somedays He wakes me up just before the alarm goes off at 4:30. Once in a blue moon He has me sleep later than that. Trust Him & walk in His grace. No matter what time He wakes you up, the first thing you need to do before you ever set your feet on the floor is set your focus on Him. Begin by thanking Him.
I love you!
Aunty Pam.

The Webb Pages said...

Hi Aunty Pam,

Thanks for that reminder. I don't ever want my time with the Lord to turn into a form of legalistic ritualism. You are right that sometimes the Lord has other plans for us that morning. Right now I'm just trying to form the habit because if I'm not up before everyone else .. I just don't get the time.
Love you too!